View our very own LGBTI trips info web page and point 6 of one’s individual right review for even more data.

View our very own LGBTI trips info web page and point 6 of one’s individual right review for even more data.

Visitors with impairments: Colombia prohibits discrimination against persons with physical or mental handicaps, although rule seriously is not totally implemented. Social approval of individual with handicaps outside isn’t as predominant as with the usa. Be expecting option of end up being constrained publicly vehicles, lodging, communication/information, and general system, like walk ways, intersections, coaches, and cab.

People tourists: discover our tour tips for People people.

Cruise liner individuals: read our very own trips tips for Cruiseship individuals.


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Please check out the Embassys COVID-19 page for more information on COVID-19 in Colombia. For emergency facilities in Colombia, call 123 from any phone or land line. We really do not spend healthcare debts. Know that U.S. Medicare/Medicaid doesn’t use overseas. More hospitals and health practitioners overseas please do not acknowledge U.S. health insurance.

Ambulances: Ambulance facilities are actually available everywhere in significant towns, but hurt or seriously unwell tourists may want to bring a cab or individual car or truck to your local key medical facility instead of loose time waiting for an ambulance.

Health care insurance: make sure that your medical care insurance prepare produces insurance offshore. Lots of treatment service providers in Colombia best take dollars costs. See all of our webpage to learn more about insurance agencies for overseas protection. Look at the U.S. stores for problems regulation and avoidance site for more information on the type of cover you should look just before drive overseas.

Most people highly recommend supplemental cover to cover up medical emptying.

Constantly take the prescription medicine in initial appearance really doctors medication. If vacationing with prescription medication, confer with the Colombia state Directorate of taxation and lifestyle to guarantee the medicine is appropriate in Colombia.

Vaccines: feel updated on all vaccines proposed by your U.S. stores for disorder Management and deterrence. Head over to CDC tourist perspective internet site for vaccination facts and Colombia Ministry of overall health website for yellow fever inoculation obligations.

The U.S. Embassy sustains a long list of doctors and medical facilities. We do not endorse or highly recommend any specific doctor or center.

Overall health establishments generally:

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Sufficient wellness companies come all through the land, but medical care in non-urban spots perhaps below U.S. criteria.

Hospitals and medical professionals typically demand paying direct before provider or admission. Cc amount is normally although Jewish dating service often offered.

Hostipal wards often need enhance pay or proof adequate insurance coverage before confessing a patient.

Medical workers may speak little if any English.

Sentimental and psychological service become restricted, even during the more expensive metropolitan areas, with hospital-based worry only available through administration establishments.

Healthcare Vacation and Elective Surgical Treatment:

U.S. individuals have actually dealt with dangerous problems or expired during or after creating plastic or any other aesthetic procedure in Colombia.

Check out the U.S. clinics for problems controls and reduction websites for all about specialized vacation, the risks of medical travel, and the planning before traveling to Colombia.

You highly recommend extra insurance policies to cover health evacuation in the case of unanticipated specialized complications.

Their legitimate solutions in circumstances of negligence are restricted in Colombia.

Although Colombia has its own elective/cosmetic procedure features which can be on level with those found in the usa, the grade of worry may differ widely. If you intend to undergo surgical treatment in Colombia, make certain that unexpected emergency healthcare facilities are offered understanding that specialists happen to be recognized and skilled.


U.S. traditions and Border safeguards and the Food and medication Administration have the effect of policies regulating the transportation of drugs into the usa. Prescription bought in foreign countries must encounter their obligations is officially cut back inside united states of america. Medication needs to be private incorporate and must approved for application across the nation. Kindly visit the U.S. Customs and edge Safety plus the Food and medication government internet sites to read more.

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