I must say I like her but I do not think she likes me personally any longer. Where did I make a mistake & how do she is got by me straight straight back?

I must say I like her but I do not think she likes me personally any longer. Where did I make a mistake & how do she is got by me straight straight back?

DISCLAIMER : i posted question ab this woman 16 times ago. Ever since then, things vary. Im shopping for suggestions about how to handle it now and exactly exactly what she’s been thinking this whole time

And so I just lately graduated senior school. She actually is entering her year that is junior of college.

Ill attempt to keep this quick, but we first met year that is last became buddies in 2010. She actually is usually an extremely flirty woman but we’d a really good relationship.

We would see one another each and every day in college, talk and joke, imagine to hate each other and usually have a time that is good

Fundamentally i noticed we liked her and I also asked her to prom in regards to a thirty days before college finished. She said yes and then we startes chatting much more, both in individual and over text / Snapchat.

We might go out alone in college and she ended up being constantly laighing, smiling, finding excuses to the touch me personally, etc. We liked her and I also ended up being yes she really liked me, but we didnt like to take action yet for fear that prom will be embarrassing if she wasnt interested.

After school finished, we started chilling out even more. It had been always in a combined group but i still felt something unique between us.

In the months that led up to prom I was thinking she got colder, while the day of prom she told certainly one of my buddies that she didnt like to date me personally.

We had enjoyable at prom together. I became admittedly embarrassing in some instances, but therefore was she.

We sluggish danced for a track and danced in team along with of our buddies. Down the road into the she was dancing with my other friend more and seemed to almost be avoiding me for some reason night.

After prom I told her she seemed stunning plus it had been a great evening. My emotions were conflicted as a result of just exactly what happened previously. We informed her i liked her a complete lot as a buddy, and perhaps a good but more sometimes. We thought things may alter but she appears cool and remote a great deal.

She utilized to begin apps for making friends conversations, have them going and snap me personally on a regular basis. Now she doesnt respond as much and her answers are faster.

She still acts pretty normal when we hang out. She laughs in the eye, sits near / next to me and has a good time at me jokes, looks me.

Every couple days she’s going to make a move that produces me think she might continue to possess some emotions but like i stated earlier she actually is also a girl that is flirty i dont know what things to think any longer.

I happened to be needs to genuinely believe that she likes my pal alternatively now but there doesnt be seemingly anything happening between them.

He could be really touchy and flirts with a whole lot girls but absolutely nothing ever really seems tl happen and hes likely to be away until belated July so they really dont see one another as much anymore.

(Ik individuals will ask so no, i’m not going away to university. Im home that is staying therefore I would like to persue a relationship with this specific woman. Ik meet that is ill individuals in university. Im just trying to find advice and analysis in this case.)

Therefore my concern here has a few sides that are different it :

Where did we fail using this woman? Why did her feelings they now for me change & what are?

Finally, exactly what can I actually do to bring the spark back to our relationship?

(PS. If you think the necessity for any extra details to respond to, just ask and I also may well be more than happy to give you)

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