Assist me connect my dresses dryer to my own propane gas tank

Assist me connect my dresses dryer to my own propane gas tank

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We just acquired an altered natural gas to propane gas dresses dryer second-hand (we’ve got constantly strung dried out, but it really is cost-free) and wish to owned it utilizing either all of our 5# or 10# propane aquarium, alike people we all make use of for kettle burner, 50,000btu.

The dryer happens to be a 20,000btu machine, and now we’re figuring out precisely what psi we will really need to set to strike 20,000btu. Does the dryer self regulate? ie whenever we adjust pressure excessive, does it allow the proper numbers in? Start to see the picture of the sticker.

I’m for the implementing regulators, but I can’t discover something that permits 20000btu stream:

Thank you for their facilitate!


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I shall accomplish any pipes function needed over at my quarters without hesitation. I am going to dive into rewiring anytime (i have rewired some over 1/2 the home thus far).

I will not just touching a gas line.

Easily take action incorrect with a water line, I might ruin some sheetrock and carpeting. Basically screw up wires, let me likely know as soon enough as I become the breaker right back about; worst circumstances I get a tiny bit jolt or starting a fire. However screw-up on a gas range, you will probably find it because of the leakage sensor, otherwise may find it whenever furnace kicks on and strikes half the prevent apart.


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I’ll would any plumbing work recommended to my quarters without hesitation. I’ll plunge into rewiring at any time (i have rewired some over 1/2 the home so far).

I am going to not hit a fuel line.

If I make a move completely wrong with a water-line, i would spoil some sheetrock and carpet. If I screw-up wiring, I am going to likely know as soon because I transform the breaker back on; most severe instance I have a little jolt or beginning a fire. Nevertheless, you screw-up on a gas range, you could find they aided by the leakage detector, otherwise may find they once the heater kicks on and blows half the prevent separated.


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Whutever. Tighten it in and change it in. Whether or not it won’t manage, it wouldn’t run with each other to start with.

Or it’ll, and you will die. We dunno.


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Whutever. Tighten it in and change it about. When it wouldn’t get the job done, it willn’t proceed jointly to start with.

Or it could, and you’ll pass away. We dunno.


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You have to be confident there is not a required orifice alter required way too.

a propane gas water heater offer comparable BTU and pipes info.


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Do you would you like to powered it off a 20# barbeque cooker fuel tank? Countless fuel organizations will lease one a sizable fixed tank that they will drive up-and complete for your needs. Your neighborhood company will lease and do homes floods on tanks as small as 100#. This can be good since you can have got a plumber accomplish a remote present with shut off for one’s barbecue grill or propane gas burner, in addition to the more scorched pipes.

2nd assumed. I really believe, the reassurance in knowing that the work might done by a skilled in this instance, is worth the price.


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You don’t wish to run it off a 20# barbeque barbeque grill aquarium? A bunch of petrol agencies will lease a person big predetermined container that they’re going to push up and pack for you personally. My own hometown vendor will rent and does home floods on tanks as small as 100#. This could be great since you can has a plumber create a remote sources with close off to suit your cooker or propane burner, besides the drier pipes.

2nd assumed. If you ask me, the a secure feeling in understanding that the work has-been accomplished by an expert in this situation, happens to be worth the cost.

Yup, we should managed it off an aquarium.

Happen to be household currently offers propane outlines running through they, we now have a massive container on the property. The idea was to operated they out from the household and where the lines currently exist.

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