8 Terms for Introverts. The adjective introverted is over the age of the noun

8 Terms for Introverts. The adjective introverted is over the age of the noun


noun : one whose personality are described as introversion especially : a kepted or shy individual that likes spending some time by yourself

We’re beginning with introvert since it is the standard of this ready. We all know, of course, that important does not mean terrifically boring. You’ll find so many interesting factual statements about introvert, including the use as verb, which predates its noun use. Since the mid-17th 100 years, introvert keeps intended “to show inward or even in upon alone,” with an increase of particular meanings of “to concentrate or lead upon oneself” and “to produce mental introversion in” building throughout the generations.

The adjective introverted can also be avove the age of the noun. This has been utilized since no less than 1683, generally making use of the “possessing an arranged or timid characteristics generally with an inclination to solitude” for example’s contrasted with extroverted.

At the same time, the noun introvert have a rare and technical usage meaning “something that may be introverted”—it’s put on this type of impressive appendages due to the fact eyestalks of particular snails additionally the retractile proboscis of a sipunculid worm. That use dates for the late 19th 100 years, while the one you mark yourself after using a personality test dates towards the very early twentieth.


adjective : removed or remote either literally or emotionally

If any person lobs this term at your, dear introvert, feel free to stare down, as you searching toward a remote horizon, the promise of land after days at sea a small flame burning in your own center.

While we most often experience aloof as an adjective, the lengthier history can be as an adverb used with the meaning “at a length.” The adverbial incorporate will be the one American publisher Herman Melville utilized most, typically into the collocation “hold aloof”:

… I have discussed that I used to keep myself significantly aloof from the mass of seamen up to speed the Neversink … — Herman Melville, White-Jacket, 1850

It is no surprise that aloof was a student in Melville’s operating language: they starts in nautical usage. The adverb is previously accustomed mean “to windward”—that are, toward the direction where the wind is blowing. Loof are a variant of luff, which is the operate of sailing a ship nearer the wind along with the forward side of a fore-and-aft cruise.

Shrinking violet

noun : a bashful or retiring individual

Ah, the shrinking violet. Individuals outlined thusly is actually without a doubt not getting more compact; the word shrink may normally have regarding shrinking in size, but it is additionally familiar with mean “to recoil instinctively” and “to hold oneself back once again.” As for the violet bit, that keyword has many incorporate making use of meaning of “an overly fastidious, modest, or retiring people,” as Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary states.

Despite the human being applications of each part of this ingredient phase, diminishing violet was applied literally before its figurative usage produced inside the belated 19th millennium:

… while, unconscious since daughter of Ceres, collecting flora whenever Hell King drew close, associated with the change that anticipated the woman therefore the grim appeal that reached on her fortune, Helen bends nonetheless across financial odorous with shrinking violets … — Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Lucretia, 1846

These are not a species of the Viola genus; Bulwer-Lytton got probably anthropomorphically suggesting the plants comprise huddling or cowering on bank.


noun 1 : someone who from shyness or unpopularity remains on sidelines of a personal task (for example a-dance) 2 : a bashful or reserved person

In the sixteenth millennium the only wallflower described was a genuine flower. Wallflower will be the usual title of a genus (technically genus Erysimum) around 180 types of herbs during the mustard household (that’d end up being Brassicaceae, available botany nerds). Title is inspired by the fact wallflowers usually expand from chinks in walls.

The definitions of wallflower that put the term in this list time towards early nineteenth 100 years, when it was frequently always describe an individual standing up across the wall structure at a social function:

But such basic sauntering stories are like Scotch reels, without any normal closing, save the tiredness of those interested. Therefore I may as well reduce quick my personal mazy dancing and resume immediately my correct position as a ‘wall rose,’ with an unceremonious adieu towards kinds and polite reader. — Caroline Matilda Kirkland, Another Home—Just Who’ll Stick To?, 1839

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